Code Quality Reporting and Trending

QuickBuild supports a lot of tools for improving your code quality, including code inspection and coverage tools. With the features supplied by QuickBuild, the development team can improve the code quality continually over time.

Code Inspection Tools
Code Coverage Tools

Inspection/Coverage results in build overview page

The inspection/coverage results will be summarized in build overview page. Below is a findbugs example:

Findbugs in Overview Tab

FindBugs Overview

In build overview tab, the findbugs summary will display:

  • The number and percentage of high/medium/normal/Exp. warnings.
  • The average density of the code.
  • The total warnings.
  • The number of fixed, not fixed and new warnings.

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Analyze the results

The inspection/coverage results are displayed as below, you may re-order, filter the results to get what you want easily. Most of time, you may just need to click some links and QuickBuild will combine the filters automatically.

Findbugs details

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Source code review

By clicking icon , you can open the source file to inspect the code. This feature is very useful when do code review.

Source with violations

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Statistics chart

By analyze the statistics chart, you may easily find the quality trends of your source code over time. You can compare different metrics, with different configurations, in different date ranges. You can also group metrics by version, by day, by week, or by month.

Findbugs statistics

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QuickBuild analyze the statistics data, and will generate the trend reports. These reports can help to know which files/classes are causing most of the problems, which kind of rule are violated most frequently (findbugs report only), and also the average violations/coverage-rate of each file/class.

Findbugs trends

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