What's new in QuickBuild 12.0

QuickBuild 12.0 is shipped with OpenID single sign-on support, on-demand build agent launch via GCP, Kubernetes build agent resource kustomization, Mac M1 support, configuration tree state per gadget, dashboard import/export, GitHub organizational webhook support, server wide properties, file upload via RESTful api, RESTful api authentication via access token. And more

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Single sign-on via OpenID

Single sign-on via OpenID Connect protocol is now supported. Check the example setup for Okta integration

On-demand build agent launch via GCP

Build agents can now be launched on demand on GCP via instance template. Check GCP integration for details

Kubernetes build agent resource kustomization

When build agents are launched on demand via Kubernetes, the associated pod and container resource can now be customized via kubectl kustomiation, to control settings such as node selector, resource requirement, volume mounts etc.

Mac M1 support

QuickBuild server and build agent can now run on Mac with M1 chipset

Configuration tree state per gadget

Each configuration tree gadget now maintains its own tree expand/collapse state, instead of sharing a global state

Variable prompt for html input

Vairable prompt setting sees a new type presenting CKEditor for easy html input

Server wide properties

Server wide properties can now be configured and referenced in scripts. This is useful to manage settings centrally to avoid duplications in places such as dashboard gadgets and cloud profiles

File Upload via RESTful API

File can now be uploaded via RESTful api via a new fileContents section in build request xml. For details, please check the sample build request

REST API authentiation via access token

User can now use either access token or password to access QuickBuild via RESTful api

Scripting support for configuration path in various gadget

Configuration path can now be scripted in various dashboard gadgets desired to specify configurations, including pipeline, build stats, etc

Configure applicable path pattern of a repository to show related SCM changes and issues

Repositories can now be configured with applicable paths, so that SCM changes and related issues are only displayed for interesting paths

NuGet Support

NuGet is the package manager for .NET. QuickBuild now supports creating packages, installing packages, publishing packages, etc. via NuGet Step.

GitHub Organization Webhook

Webhooks can be set up at organization level on GitHub. And organization webhooks send events for all repositories in an organization. In this way, you don't need set up the webhook for QuickBuild configurations one by one, instead, you just need one organization webhook and use variables for each configuration to trigger the builds, it can save your time dramatically.

Export/Import Dashboards

Users and Administrators alike can create fantastically usable dashboards, but it's hard to use them in another QuickBuild instance. Now, QuickBuild supports to export dashboards from one, and import them to another.

Enhanced JIRA Cloud Support

Now, JIRA Cloud support is enhanced a lot, including below features:

  • Create a version in JIRA Cloud.
  • Update issues according to commit messages.
  • Update issues with specified keys.
  • Update issues mentioned in commit messages.
  • Release a version and set the fix versions field for related issues.