Flexible Build Notification and System Alerts

Get notified in a variety of ways about the build when certain condition is satisfied, for example, when build is successful, failed, or if error is fixed. The notification content template is highly customizable and the out-of-box template is good enough to contain almost all important information about the build. Users may subscribe to interesting projects, and the administrator can forcibly send out failure notifications to users who broke the build to have them take the responsibility.

Subscribe to interesting configurations to get build notifications

QuickBuild user can subscribe to get build notifications of interesting configurations under certain conditions. For example, your customer may select to be notified of your new releases by subscribing to your release configuration with the condition set to "successful builds". QuickBuild configurations are organized hierarchically, and user may select to subscribe to a higher configuration node in the hierarchy to get build notifications for all child configurations under that node.

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Forcibly send build notifications to group of users

Besides the subscription based build notifications, QuickBuild can also be configured to forcibly send out build notifications to certain users even if they do not subscribe. This is useful when you want to notify users who made commits resulting a build failure.

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Customizable build notify conditions and message templates

QuickBuild notification system is highly customizable. You may notify different group of users under different conditions, including build failed, build successful, build finished, build fixed, and build broken. You can also customize the condition using Groovy and MVEL scripts if preset conditions do not satisfy your needs. The message template can be customized using Apache Velocity and the default template includes all necessary information about the build such as build failure message, checkin users, failed unit tests and etc.

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Generate system alerts under specified contions and notify relevant users

QuickBuild monitors the whole system continuously and will generate system alerts under certain conditions, for instance when database auto-backup is failed, some grid resources are exhausted, etc. These conditions can be customized and selected users can be designated to receive the alerts.

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